Light Warriors Complete Series

Light Warriors Complete Series

Books 1-4 of Light Warriors Series

If you enjoy the mind-expanding adventures of The Alchemist, The Celestine Prophecy, and Avatar, you’ll love the Light Warriors complete four-book series, an inspiring journey of magic and self-discovery.

The time is now.

The words haunt Lena.

Worse, her past lives are merging with her current lifetime, making her seriously doubt her sanity as they demand that she rise to fight demons.

Demons. Her. It’s laughable. She’s freshly divorced and on the run from her mistakes.

When demons mark her as their number one target, she can’t keep pretending they aren’t real. She’ll need help to fight them. She wasn’t trained for this crap. Maybe thousands of years ago she was, but not today. Not now. This is the land of cell phones and computers, not swordplay and archery.

But when a grizzly exorcist and the love of a past life hand her a sword and lead the way, she can wish it’s the start of a bad joke all she wants; it won’t change a thing.

The time is now.

And it’s her time to fight.

*This set includes all four novels in the Light Warriors series.*


Age Rating: Recommended for ages 16 & Up for adult language, sexual content and action scenes.

Reading Notes: The Light Warriors series is a fast-paced fantasy series which melds past, present, and future, and reveals what can happen when destiny and love are strong enough to survive death.