Power Shifter

Power Shifter

Book 6: Magical Creatures Academy

A magical object might have stolen Jas’ power, but it can’t keep her from reclaiming it.

Jas is no stranger to trouble. She usually sets off in search of it, for funsies.

Not anymore.

She wants nothing more than to squirrel away some private time with the smoking hot shifter who’s finally all hers.

Too bad they’ve landed in the middle of a war consuming the entire supernatural community.

Safety is no longer guaranteed. It’s something Jas and her friends will have to fight for.


Age Rating: Recommended for ages 16 & Up for adult language, sexual content and action scenes.

Reading Notes: Jas embraces her wild side. Jas will take you on a wild ride filled with loads of magic, sizzling adventure, sexy shifters and fae, and enough spunk to leave you wanting more. Power Streak is best read as book 6 of the Magical Creatures Academy. However, Jas’ trilogy can also be read as a standalone series. 

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