Power Streak

Power Streak

Book 4: Magical Creatures Academy

Jasmine has been around magic all her life. She knows the rules, and she loves to break them.

When she turned eighteen, her shifter powers manifested, just as she expected them to. When the Magical Creatures Academy invited her to attend the prestigious school, she wasn’t surprised.

When she had a fling with a flirtatious fae over the summer, she thought nothing would come of it, especially as she’s had her eye on a mighty fine shifter at the academy.

But for once Jas is about to be shocked. The fae isn’t what he appeared to be, and neither is the amulet he left behind.


Age Rating: Recommended for ages 16 & Up for adult language, sexual content and action scenes.

Reasding Notes: Jas embraces her wild side. Jas will take you on a wild ride filled with loads of magic, sizzling adventure, sexy shifters and fae, and enough spunk to leave you wanting more. Power Streak is best read as book four of the Magical Creatures Academy. However, Jas’ trilogy can also be read as a standalone series. 

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