When the Lightning Strikes

When the Lightning Strikes

Book 3: Six Shooter and a Shifter

I need more magic like I need a point-blank bullet to the head.

All that dragon power Rhett’s already given me is churning around inside me, causing as much trouble as the great poohbah dragon protector himself, and he’s trouble walking in a pair of perfectly fitting jeans.

Regardless of my desires, and I’ve got lots of them thanks to the two men who won’t stop shooting suggestive looks my way, more magic is exactly what I’ve got—plus a whole band of dragon shifters without it, heh, pointing fingers at me for taking what they think is theirs. Oopsie.

Still, no matter the hissy fits they throw, finders keepers, losers weepers applies extra when it comes to power. Especially since I’ve got no idea how to give any of it back—or how to properly use it either, for that matter. And that’s before Zeke wants to share some of his magic with me…

Oy. These men are intent on driving me batty.

Life in Traitor’s Den, usually crazy enough to keep me on my toes, has never seemed quite so over-the-top outrageous. Denners and our unexpected guests are keeping me busier than a cat on a hot tin roof. When you add in all the resurrections, well, bring on the extra nuttiness.

But when saving my best friend Birdie’s life involves her kissing Zeke, myquasi-vampire, my man, I wholly embrace the unofficial motto of Traitor’s Den: “Behaving is for losers.”

Honey, I ain’t no loser.

Armed with my girls Big Bertha and Big Wilma, the best six shooters a woman could ask for, I’m off to protect what’s mine.

Now, if only that list weren’t growing…


Age Rating: Recommended for ages 16 & Up for adult language, sexual content and action scenes.

Reading Notes: A sexy fantasy western with growly shifters, sketchy vamps, peculiar mages and creatures, and one badass cowgirl sheriff. Within this small town, magic and gossip flow as freely as whiskey, and work and pleasure are nearly the same thing. Weird things happen on the regular in Traitor’s Den. Come and join the quirky family, where everyone’s packing. Oh, and don’t mind the tiger.

  • Loretta Maybelle Ray is hot stuff. When several fine cowboys vie for her affections, this series becomes a reverse harem.
  • Though this series does not contain curse words, but rather a comical variation of them, it contains slow-burn romance that eventually leads to sex on the page with more than one man.
  • Each book in the Six Shooter and a Shifter series is a full-length novel that ends on a cliffhanger. However, a happily-ever-after is guaranteed for the series finale.

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