When the Sun Burns

When the Sun Burns

Book 2: Six Shooter and a Shifter

The people and creatures of Traitor’s Den are always getting into trouble. Hell, they’re supposed to. It’s the one thing I can count on to be predictable. The longer they spend in the Den, the more the spell that keeps us all here has the chance to take effect, turning us all into my Uncle Tucker’s version of cowboys and cowgirls—and he clearly had little idea about a true western community when he first condemned my parents to a life stuck in one.

Our little one-way town is always wild, definitely outrageous, and no day is ever the same as the one before it.
But when Rhett Stead and Zeke Doyle tumble through the portal, throwing punches before they even land, our town’s signature wild western flavor swells a couple of notches, especially since they seem to think I’m their mate or queen or … whatever.

Their steamy looks are enough problem to handle, and then I discover what Rhett’s been carrying around in his, um, err, goods. The secret contraband definitely does not belong in our prison world since we have no chance of escaping it.
Worst of all, something big, ferocious, and fire-breathing wants what Rhett snuck in. Several somethings, in fact. And the portal just popped open again…

Hold on to your hats, ‘cause the ride just got wilder.


Age Rating: Recommended for ages 16 & Up for adult language, sexual content and action scenes.

Reading Notes: A sexy fantasy western with growly shifters, sketchy vamps, peculiar mages and creatures, and one badass cowgirl sheriff. Within this small town, magic and gossip flow as freely as whiskey, and work and pleasure are nearly the same thing. Weird things happen on the regular in Traitor’s Den. Come and join the quirky family, where everyone’s packing. Oh, and don’t mind the tiger.

  • Loretta Maybelle Ray is hot stuff. When several fine cowboys vie for her affections, this series becomes a reverse harem.
  • Though this series does not contain curse words, but rather a comical variation of them, it contains slow-burn romance that eventually leads to sex on the page with more than one man.
  • Each book in the Six Shooter and a Shifter series is a full-length novel that ends on a cliffhanger. However, a happily-ever-after is guaranteed for the series finale.

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