Beta Wolf

Beta Wolf

Book 2: Smoky Mountain Pack

I never fit in as a human, and now that I’ve been magically corrupted against my will, I’m starting to see that I don’t really fit in as a wolf, either.

The fierce and famous Smoky Mountain Pack rescued me from a fight to the death, but now that they have me, they don’t know what to do with me. Some would like to see me cast out, left to wander, and die as a lone wolf. 

But the strong and charismatic beta wolf believes I am meant to become a part of their family. And while the alpha is lost and feared dead, it is he who must lead the pack to either victory or vengeance. 

He doesn’t have time for distractions, and yet…this strange new wolf inside me calls out for him, longs to unite our bodies to allow him to claim me as his fated mate. 

But who has time for love when lives are on the line? Just as I’m starting to find a place within the pack, it could all come crashing to a violent end. And I’d only have myself to blame.

The Smoky Mountain Pack series is gritty, sexy, and action-packed paranormal shifter romance, with a badass heroine and a smoking hot alpha. 

Beta Wolf is a full-length novel recommended for mature listeners due to language, sexual situations, and graphic fighting scenes.

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