A Betrayal of Time

A Betrayal of Time

A love story that transcends time.

Vivienne and Ray loved each other before they knew what love was. They belonged together. They knew it, and everyone who knew them knew it.

But time didn’t. Or maybe time just didn’t care.

It ripped them apart. Vivienne was left alone, without the one thing—the one person—she needed.

Worse, she was the sole survivor of an unexplained cosmic event that folded time, transporting her 20 years into the future, when she was supposed to be long dead along with everyone else the event claimed. She didn’t know anything about time, except that it was her great betrayer.

Still, no one else knew how to reunite her with Ray or with 1959. It was up to her to decipher the quandary no one had been able to resolve before: to bring predictability to the time-space continuum… the one thing that couldn’t be more unpredictable.


Age Rating: Recommended for ages 13 & Up for suspenseful situations.

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