The Unkillable Killer

The Unkillable Killer

In a world that needs a whole lot of saving, this hero’s had enough. After millennia of stretchy pants and wedgies, Super Dough Man is ready to end it.

Only one problem: Death is not an option for an immortal.

His only hope is to convince his superhero friends to kill him. But his friends cut a mean silhouette in their spandex suits. They save people—not hurt them.

What’s the solution? Superheroes fight villains and rid the world of evil; it’s what they do. It will take a diabolical plan to convince these heroes he’s become a bad guy.

Good thing Super Dough Man is up for the challenge. Because the only thing worse than becoming a villain is staying alive, staying alive…


Age Rating: Recommended for ages 13 & Up for satirical situations.

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