Whispers of Pachamama

Whispers of Pachamama

Whispers of Pachamama is a story about a man who lives in the Amazon, logging its trees. His life is about survival. Danger lurks around each bend.

He glimpses an unusual woman, flickering through the trees like a vision, when no one should be alone and exposed in the rainforest. He intends to save her, but tangled vines and ancient gnarled roots swallow her.

Thoughts of this woman intrude upon his ordinary life until they consume him. When he finally sees her again, to unravel the mystery of who she is, he follows her deep into the heart of the jungle, the one place he has worked all his life to avoid.

He must conquer every one of his fears to reach her, discovering that although he set off to save her, it is he who needs saving.


Age Rating: Recommended for ages 13 & Up for suspenseful situations.

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