Magic Sight

Magic Sight

Book 2: Supernatural Bounty Hunter

When Evie found out she was knocked up with the local werewolf alpha’s baby, she thought life couldn’t get more complicated. Of course, she was wrong.

It turns out she’s a kitsune, and along with that rare gift comes untold powers and responsibilities-most of which she’d rather do without. She’s the sole guardian of a broken gate to the Underworld, and all sorts of monstrous creatures are oozing out of it-the kind that think humans are a light snack.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Evie has 48 hours to bring in a siren who’s on the Supernatural Bounty Hunters’ most wanted list and who started this whole fiasco in the first place.

What could go wrong? Knowing Evie’s luck, a whole hell of a lot…


Age Rating: Recommended for ages 18 & Up for adult language and some sexual content. You know how alpha werewolves get.

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