Homecoming Hijinks

Homecoming Hijinks

Book 5: Witches of Gales Haven

Marla Gawama is getting the hang of being the only detective in town. The weird is seeming less weird and—

Ha. No, not really. The odd just keeps getting stranger. It is Gales Haven after all.

But Marla, like a champ, is learning how to be an interpreter for a no-nonsense hedgehog matriarch, how to solve minor crimes in Spanx and confectionary, and how to balance her kids’ needs with her new love life.

Then a surprise visitor arrives in town and it’s welcome to the crapfest.

The woman shows up like the devil’s on her heels, whipping at her back. And though Marla had once wished for something like this to happen, she’s no longer sure she wants it at all. Where’s the return policy on this one?

Especially when the unexpected guest has company…

Be careful what you wish for. Turns out that cautionary saying is right on the money.


Age Rating: Recommended for ages 16 & Up for adult language and some sexual content.

Reading Notes: Homecoming Hijinks is a Paranormal Women’s Fiction novel. If you love snarky stories with women so empowered they’re a force to be reckoned with, then you’ll love the Witches of Gales Haven series.

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