Pesky Potions

Pesky Potions

Book 6: Witches of Gales Haven

Just when Marla Gawama thinks she might be getting the hang of her detective doo-ties, the universe has to go and prove her wrong.

The town of Gales Haven is highly eccentric—part of its charm—so Marla is no stranger to quirks.

But when the townsfolk start acting odder than usual, Marla realizes something is up. The friendly gigolo Danny isn’t the only one to make shmexy rounds to entertain the locals. And even the talking mouse who terrorizes the kitchen of Gawama Mama House is proving to be a horn-dog.

Since she’s stuck with the role of town detective, it’s up to her to figure out what the hell is going on and to return Haveners to their usual level of strangeness—not too much, just right. Though a town full of leg-humping witches and wizards is pretty funny…

Every good Gawama knows: “If you can’t fight the crazy, love the crazy.” And Marla is a Gawama witch through and through.


Age Rating: Recommended for ages 16 & Up for adult language and some sexual content.

Reading Notes: Pesky Potions is a Paranormal Women’s Fiction novel. If you love snarky stories with women so empowered they’re a force to be reckoned with, then you’ll love the Witches of Gales Haven series.

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