Smexy Shenanigans

Smexy Shenanigans

Book 4: Witches of Gales Haven

Luanne and Shawna Gawama head out of Gales Haven for a spontaneous day of adventurous fun. They expect to drink a little too much and dance the night away. Definitely to forget about all the trouble that’s befallen their hometown since their niece Marla’s return.

Instead, they run smack dab into trouble worse than any Spanx-pilfering leprechauns or back-talking hedgehogs. The kind of trouble not even their powerful family is prepared to face.

But these redheads know how to weather storms. And they do it together.

When strangers test the borders of their safe village, the Gawama witches aren’t ready to take them on—but that won’t stop them from kicking ass however they can. They’re resourceful and they don’t give a hoot what anyone thinks of them—a fiery combination. They have better things to worry about, like discovering the best glazed doughnuts and surviving the bond of sisterhood.


Age Rating: Recommended for ages 16 & Up for adult language and some sexual content.

Reading Notes: Smexy Shenanigans is a novella in the Witches of Gales Haven series told from Aunt Luanne Gawama’s point of view. The story takes place chronologically between book 3, Charmed Caper, and book 4, Homecoming Hijinks. It can be read as a standalone, though it’s funnest to read it between books 3 and 5.

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