Book 6: Witching World

Captured souls. Monstrous creatures from the ocean depths. Secret races of magicians. A threat more terrible than any before it. Magic has never been more deadly.

The immortal Count and the dark Merqueen haven’t managed to claim Clara or her powers—yet. Even with their personal magic bound, they’re hunting Clara with more force than she knows how to handle. They contain the magic of the hundreds of souls they’ve drained.

Clara has her own power, one they haven’t been able to touch, a secret binding element that gives life to all magic. She’s stronger than ever, with a love great enough to dismantle the Count and Merqueen’s devastating illusions.

But when you love as fiercely as Clara, you have too much to lose. If the Count and Merqueen can’t have Clara, then they’ll take everything—and everyone—she loves. Unless she can find the way to stop the two most feared magicians of the underworld before she loses everything worth living for.


Age Rating: Recommended for all ages.

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