The Five-Petal Knot

The Five-Petal Knot

Book 2: Witching World

A prodigy pygmy owl. A possessive firedrake. A booby-trapped castle. Gargoyles come to life. Who said magic would be ordinary?

No one can access magic like Clara, but her powers are unpredictable and dangerous. She has to learn how to control them.

When she falls into one of the castle’s many traps before she can, becoming a prisoner of the merworld, there’s only one person who can save her. And he’s already fighting for his own life.

But that’s not the worst of their problems. An immortal count, with a heart fueled by darkness, intends to claim the souls of everyone within Irele Castle. The castle and all its creatures come alive to defend it, but will it be enough to defeat the Count’s army of gruesome creatures and save Clara before it’s too late?


Age Rating: Recommended for all ages.

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