Witching World Omnibus Two with Bonus Novella

Witching World Omnibus Two with Bonus Novella

Books 4-6 of The Witching World

Immerse yourself in a mysterious world of magic, where nearly anything can happen. If you enjoy non-stop adventure, a new kind of magic, empowered heroines, moody sorcerers, mythical creatures with attitude, and castles with personality, you’ll love this collection of the final three full-length novels of The Witching World series, plus a bonus novella.

This collection includes:

The Ginger Cat

A cat with a terrible secret. A boy back from the dead. A cursed firedrake. A man split in half for love. Magic was never meant to be safe.

The immortal Count Washur has been waiting for Clara to grow more powerful to collect her soul. Now he’s after her.

Washur Castle comes alive with dark magic while it carries out the Count’s attack. Clara knows it’s a trap, but she goes anyway because he has something—someone—she can’t bear to lose.

Clara and her friends are strong, and their magic is stronger. But with their forces divided, can they overcome monsters and deadly illusions?

The Scarlet Dragon

A dragon, who isn’t supposed to exist. A history of deadly secrets. A ghost risen from the grave. A cat, who’s half a girl, and a split, who’s half a man. Magic has never seemed more complicated.

When the two most feared magicians of the underworld band to hunt Clara, she needs to be able to count on her friends. But that’s difficult to do when she’s surrounded by masters of illusion, who can bend reality as easily as they bend truth.

The immortal Count and the dark Merqueen don’t play by anyone’s rules but their own. And when they turn to forbidden magic, Clara must decide what she’s willing to sacrifice to survive.

With her magic strong, and the Count and Merqueen desperate to steal it, it’s more important than ever that Clara protect the five-petal knot. But will she be able to when her enemies threaten those she loves?

Spirit of the Spell (Bonus Novella)

Some things are worth dying for. Others are worth living for again.

When Damien dies, Oliana is devastated. It’s understandable, he is her first love. She’ll cry and grieve and, eventually, she’ll move on, as she must—at least, that’s what an ordinary girl would do.

But Oliana isn’t ordinary. She’s a witch. And she isn’t going to accept Damien’s death without a fight.

With the power of the four elements at her disposal, she can do more than challenge death. The question is, what is she willing to sacrifice to get him back?


Captured souls. Monstrous creatures from the ocean depths. Secret races of magicians. A threat more terrible than any before it. Magic has never been more deadly.

The immortal Count and the dark Merqueen haven’t managed to claim Clara or her powers—yet. Even with their personal magic bound, they’re hunting Clara with more force than she knows how to handle. They contain the magic of the hundreds of souls they’ve drained.

Clara has her own power, one they haven’t been able to touch, a secret binding element that gives life to all magic. She’s stronger than ever, with a love great enough to dismantle the Count and Merqueen’s devastating illusions.

But when you love as fiercely as Clara, you have too much to lose. If the Count and Merqueen can’t have Clara, then they’ll take everything—and everyone—she loves. Unless she can find the way to stop the two most feared magicians of the underworld before she loses everything worth living for.


Age Rating: Recommended for all ages.