Night Shifter
Book 1: Magical Creatures Academy
Shadow Thief
Book 1: Flirting with Monsters
Fairy Tales of a Trailer Park Queen
Books 1, 2 & 3
Book 1: Raven Cursed
Siren Magic
Book 1: Sirangel
Book 1: Darkblood Academy
Blood & Ash
Book 1: The Jezebel Files
Book 1: Warden of the West
Book 1: Academy of Unpredictable Magic
Lucifer's Daughter
Book 1: Queen of the Damned
War of the Gods
Complete Series: Books 1-4
A Pack of Blood and Lies
Book 1: The Boulder Wolves
The Lost Witch
Book 1: The Coven - Elemental Magic
The Vampire's Mark
Book 1: Dark Reign
Oath Taker
Book 1: Kingdom of Runes
Magic Bite
Book 1: Supernatural Bounty Hunter
Cruel Magic
Book 1: Royals of Villain Academy
The Bachelorette
Book 1: Hitched Series
Death & Desire
Book 2: The Jezebel Files
Great Balls of Fury
Book 1: A Federal Bureau of Magic Cozy Mystery
Saved by Blood
Book 1: The Vampires' Fae
Reaper's Blood
Book 1: The Grimm Brotherhood
Magic Trials
Book 1: Half-Blood Academy
An Angel Romance
Book 1: Evermore Academy

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